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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still learning

Last night after a service we put on for residents of the social center, we went out for a late night tour of Rome. One of the soldiers took us around from sight to sight in the corps minibus, getting out at various points and giving us historical background. It took a while, as he required translation, so we got back quite late, but it was well worth it. I learned more than I could process last night, but today was a day of learning as well.

I learned what Italian coffee tastes like. I’ve actually been drinking a lot of cappuccino since I’ve been here, particularly when it is served cold (as a kid from New Bedford, it reminds me of coffee milk). But this was straight coffee, as they take it. It is viscous and strong and persistent. I understand why they take it in small shots.

I learned that there are few things more humbling than four year old girls laughing at your attempts to speak Italian.

I learned how to drive a stick (sort of)…stay tuned for more adventures on that front.


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